Updating 14.4. 2008

On the December 6th 2007 we start the installation of the blast machine Agtos. Here you can see over the course of the installation. The installation of the blast machine Agtos was finished and handed over on the December 21st 2007.

On the March 1st 2008 we started in the cooperation with the company SANDTEAM the reconstruction of the sand cutting of the core mixtures. At the same time we started to build a new workplace for the core production of COLD-BOX-AMIN cores. The new machine for cores with the maximum volume of 12 liter provides a double shoot and so it´s a solution for cores by the volume of 24 liter as well. The installation, which has been proceeded without discontinuation of the three shift operation, has been finished as per today.This new machine will produce cores in a three shift operation, which have been buyed in the cooperation in the meanwhile.